Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this page of frequently asked questions will help you to decide what style of cabin you require as well as how you can customise it to your requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance or advice.

What is a portable building?

A portable building is a stand-alone structure that is designed to be moveable. They are usually built off-site to cause minimal disruption to your business or home.

What is a plastisol jackleg building?
A jackleg building is built with 4 steel legs to support it. Installation of these buildings is quick and easy, it is generally done with a Hiab lorry. Plastisol is the material used on the external walls, hence the name plastisol jackleg.

What is a modular building?

A modular building is a building with repeated sections called modules or bays. The bays are built away from the site, they are then delivered to their intended site, where they are installed. Usually, a Hiab lorry or crane will put the bays into position, then our team will come and make the finishing touches so your building is ready to use.
What is an anti-vandal building?
An anti-vandal building is a full steel structure with a steel door and window shutters. These buildings are an effective deterrent from thieves and burglaries.
What is a garden room?

GCS Garden rooms are a timber-clad structure with a steel frame. As standard, they come with an anthracite french door with side panels and up down lights. Inside the building, there is luxury vinyl wood effect flooring, panel heating, spotlights and a light switch. The walls are finished in smooth white vinyl faced plasterboard. A garden room is a great way to create extra space. The perfect addition to any home, serving all the functions that your interior rooms do.

What is inside the building?
Our buildings come with lighting, heating and electrics. The exact specification will depend on the building type you choose.
Can I choose the colour of the building?
Yes. We have colour charts you can look at, or if you have colours you want to match to let one of our team know and we will do our best to find a match for you.
Can I choose the internal layout of the building?
If you are having items such as toilet or kitchen facilities inside the building then please send us a hand sketch of your preferred layout. Please show window and door positions, giving consideration to the final position of the building and what you will see out of your windows for example.
What does the building need to sit on?
Your building will need solid foundations that are strong enough to support it. Depending on the type and size of your building will depend on the type of foundations you will need to install. Foundations could be but are not limited to, a full concrete base or concrete pads to support the jacklegs.
Do I need planning permission?
Whether you need planning permission will depend on many factors. The size of the building, how often you intend to move the building and where it is located for example. It is always best to speak to your local authorities planning department, as they will advise you best on this.
Do the buildings comply with the latest building regulations? 

All the buildings we supply are made in accordance with current UK Building Regulations. 

How long do the buildings last?

Our buildings come with a warranty, how long they last will depend on where they are sited and how they are maintained.

Can I move the building after it is installed?

Yes you can, speak to our team and they can arrange this for you.

What are the benefits of offsite construction?

Building off site means less disruption to your business or home. By building offsite the build process is similar each time, this means that the team aren’t adjusting to new surroundings on each build. Building off site helps to create efficient processes it also requires less heavy machinery to be transported between jobs, thus creating less pollution. We build 12 months of the year because we are not affected by weather conditions.

Do you deliver nationwide?